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Since 2006

After spending the better part of 40 years in various Christian churches including Baptist, Assemblies of God, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Adventist, and many others, I discovered that I wasn’t seeing what I thought I should be, which was cohesive answers to what should be basic questions of faith. Even pastors couldn’t or didn’t want to answer my questions.

It was then my wife and I embarked on a path to understand the Jewish Messiah better. I began what many call a “Messianic Journey”, to live like Jesus lived, within the Jewish culture Jesus lived within.

The journey was eye-opening.

It was during this period of learning and understanding that I began to see the divergence of what appeared to be the historical versus traditional “Jesus” I learned about in church.

It was here I began praying in earnest, asking GOD for their truth.

GOD answered my prayers and set me on a path to uncover the Church’s stunning rewrite of history by not just the Roman Catholic Church, but the ancient Judaic Priesthood as well.

Help Me Counter the Church’s Lies

I write. I market. I investigate. Then I spread the word using Amazon, Google, Medium and other social media. Our following is growing. 

You can help me bring the lies of Christian Church to an end. It’s a big task. But we’re already making change. You can help. Start with as little as $5 per month…

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"They always attack the messengers of GOD instead of heeding what the messengers bring.”
Keith Michael