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I am not trying to “boil the ocean”, so to speak; but I am going to put a dent in the Church; to wake people up and help them see that what we have been spoon-fed for millennia is a lie.

The gifts received from social media followers, sponsors, and readers like you help us to bring people a better gospel—the true Gospel—of what Jesus and the Apostles historically taught. 

You can become a part of that mission to free Christians the world over from the chains of falsehood the Church has shackled all of us with sin the beginning.

“The true Gospel of Jesus was never about making himself a pagan human sacrifice.”

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My goal is to make this my life’s mission, to rebuke the Church’s lies, expose their falsehoods, and unravel the twisting of Jesus’ true ministry. Through your gifts, I can eventually take this ministry full-time and spread a new message of hope to those the Church has imprisoned with their ruthless chains of paganism.


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For as little at $5 per month, you can help me bring the message of freedom from the Church’s lies to tens of thousands who need to hear what you know from our books and articles..

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Are you a small business, corporation, or high net worth individual with a desire to help others escape the lies of the Church? Contact me personally for a call so we can discuss how you can help.

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Already, Keith Michael is one of the more popular religion writers on Medium—but we need help in taking this calling to the next levels of communication in countering the Church’s lies. 

If you like what you’ve read from my books and articles, consider becoming a major sponsor of this work so that we can take the message of freedom from the Church to even more people around the world.