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Day: October 18, 2021

Why It’s Not A Sin To Be Gay

In the never-ending debate between Christian Evangelicals and people who actually read the Bible, no issue is more shoved in our faces than the Church-manufactured


Ask any Christian, pastor, theologian, or even many scholars today, “Who is God?” and you are likely to be met with a quick pat answer:

The Bible’s Authors Are A Lie

When I was growing up in the 70’s, we sat in church listening to pastors tell us to open our Bibles to the Gospel of

Biblical Marriage Is Not Biblical

Marriage as we know it in the modern world is actually a fairly recent invention. While it may come as a surprise to many of

My Interview With The Antichrist

The room is mostly dark as both of us take comfortable leather tufted chairs beside a nice fire in the library of an exquisite mansion

Guys, God Did Not Make You Lord of Your Wife

Honestly, this article should not even need to be written. But unfortunately, we continue to have a boatload of neanderthal Christian leaders still preaching this nonsense,

Christianity’s Counterfeit Jesus: Part 3

In Part 2 of this 3-part series, I dropped a couple of really big bombshells of revelation. We looked at Paul’s Mithraic version of Jesus and also