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Guys, God Did Not Make You Lord of Your Wife

How 3,000 Year-old Crap Culture Keeps Getting Perpetuated As “God’s Word”

Honestly, this article should not even need to be written. But unfortunately, we continue to have a boatload of neanderthal Christian leaders still preaching this nonsense, as if God wanted women to be something akin to slaves within the marriage.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with much of the so-called Feminists either. They often try to swing the pendulum the other extreme direction, as if they want a “Planet Venus” filled with nothing more than women in-charge of slave men doting over their every whim.

The bottom line is that Feminism wouldn’t even exist if the whole patriarchal nonsense wasn’t being eternally perpetuated by the so-called big three religions.

Mars and Venus are Very Different

It should come as no secret to any of us that men and women are inherently and genetically different by nature. GOD created us to be and interact with one another differently.

Men, just because GOD created you to be bigger and stronger does not mean you were created to be in-charge of anyone. I know of a few big strong tough guys that I wouldn’t put in-charge of a paper route, let alone running a family. Oh, and guess what? These big strong tough guys don’t have families anymore—because their wives kicked them to the curb, and for good reason. They were jerks (I’m trying really hard not to use vulgarities to describe these guys here).

Women, you were created with a nurturing spirit and the superpower to have children. But just because you were made a little physically weaker does not mean you’re not strong in other ways, or that you need to put up with being a door mat. GOD did not create you to be some slave to some guy.

Unfortunately, that is how things were 3,000 years ago, 2,000 years ago, even 100 years ago, and that is how things are even today in most Islamic countries. I don’t need to tell you why—it’s because of nonsense religion.

Bad Culture Ensconced Within Bad Scriptures

Specifically with Judaism and Christianity, this bogus patriarchal bullshit got written into the Scriptures by a bunch of guys raised within a, well, patriarchal society. Now here we are, literally 3,500 years later and we are STILL putting up with the nonsense belief that God somehow wanted men to rule over their wives as head of the household.

It’s time good Christian people grew up and realized that the patriarchy died a long time ago and that men and women are EQUALS in the eyes of GOD.

“Oh yea, Keith—and where is that written?”

In the LAW. It is a sin to treat others in a way that you would not want to be treated. (Leviticus 19:18) It’s that simple.

Don’t want your wife lording her god-given spiritual superiority over you, don’t do it to her. I’m being a bit sarcastic to make the point.

GOD did not make either sex the superior nor inferior to the other. They are simply different—complimentary.

Women Are Not Marital Slaves

Unfortunately, there are a number of Christian women who have been led, indoctrinated, all their lives to believe that men have all the rights in the family and that as the woman, they have no say, in anything.

I’m dead serious here. I know of one Christian couple where the husband was demanding that he have sex with his wife every night. She honestly didn’t know that she had the right to say no. I know you think that this is stupid, especially in this day and age, but there are some very sad Christian denominations out there teaching this kind of legalistic bullshit.

There was a time when being married meant that a man could rape his wife and local laws had nothing to say about it. Judges even struggled with such cases because, well, it wasn’t illegal for men to force themselves onto their wives. Thank God we don’t live in that era anymore.

What’s worse is that this kind of errant teaching not only makes GOD look like a tyrant, but it harms our human relationships deeply.

No man should be feeling that he is superior to his wife. If you are then you have been taught a serious error. An error that makes GOD look bad. It makes you look like an ass. And it illustrates that you have close to zero understanding of just where the Bible came from and who actually wrote its various scriptures and why.

The Bible is Not God in Book Form

Since the Reformation about 500 years ago, Christians have been slowly concocting this notion that it was God who assembled the Bible.

But this belief is completely man-made, it is not of God.

It is a man-made tradition and a fairly recent one at that. God never told anyone to assemble a Bible nor which books or letters to put within it. Men within the Church did this all on their own and then said that God did it.

The Church demands that this tome that a bunch of guys 3,500 to 2,000 years ago put together was somehow what God wanted.

The fact is, just 500 years ago, Luther and the Reformers tore out a bunch of books from the Bible that the Catholics had assembled “under the inspiration of God”.

If it was God who really assembled the Bible, then tossing a bunch of books out of it would logically mean that, what? God changed their mind? No. It simply means that the Bible is NOT the will of God and that the tradition that asserts that the Bible is somehow the inerrant “Word of God” is patently false.

Biblical infallibility is nothing more than a man-made tradition. A mere belief that we’re told to accept, otherwise the church will kick you out as a heretic and call you other nasty names. But they will still take your money for Jesus, by the way. Even if you are a heretic. (See the below article: How the Church Lied to You About Who Really Wrote the Bible)

The Bible’s Authors Are A Lie

How the Church Lied to You About Who Really Wrote the Bible


GOD Corrects the Record

Fortunately, we do have the words of GOD to correct the Church’s misguided belief. Within the Bible itself, GOD speaking through the Prophet Jeremiah, tells us that the Law of God was itself falsified by a lying priesthood.


Yea, your church doesn’t want you reading things like this. In Jeremiah 8:8, GOD in no uncertain terms chastises the elders and ancient priests and scribes saying,

“‘How can you [rulers, elders] say, “We are wise,
for we have the law [Torah] of the Lord,”
when actually the lying pen of the scribes [priests]
has handled it falsely? [amplification supplied]

In other words, while the ancient Hebrew Priesthood was busy altering the Torah, the Law of God, with their “lying pens”, they inserted all kinds of patriarchal (not to mention sacrificial) bullshit into the writ, that would then get passed down to us as the so-called “Word of God”, 3,500 years later!

“Wait, so how do we tell which is really God’s word and what is not?”

There are two ways. First, the Law of God will not violate the Golden Rule. If a so-called law allows you to treat people in a way that you would not want to be treated, it’s not “of God”. Secondly, the true laws of God are not ephemeral, or better stated, they are not based on temporary things.

For example, the sacrificial laws were all centered around the Temple. Once the Temple was destroyed, those laws become moot. Ergo, they were not really of God. In fact, the whole sacrificial system was never “of God” to begin with. At the end of the day, the whole system of sacrifices benefitted only one small group of elites, including the king.

Some offer that it was GOD who destroyed the Temple not once, but twice because it made GOD look bad. Like GOD needed rivers of blood in order to forgive people. But that’s an article for another time … (See: I AM GOD below.)


Why Christianity Does Not Know the Name of GOD


GOD Did Not Create Marriage

The dirty little secret the Church doesn’t want you knowing is that marriage is not something GOD ever created. Men created marriage.

There is no law within the Bible where GOD commands people to get married. There is no law that says you cannot have sex before marriage either.

The Church pens idiotic marriage vows like, “according to God’s holy ordinance” and “what God has brought together let no man separate.” GOD isn’t the one doing this—the Church is. There is no “holy ordinance”! There is nothing in the Law of GOD commanding marriage.

All this marriage nonsense is just MANufactured tradition of the Church and outdated patriarchal culture that should have died out hundreds if not thousands of years ago. (Again, see the blow article: Biblical Marriage Is Not Biblical.)

Biblical Marriage Is Not Biblical

Why Biblical Marriage Is One of the Biggest LIES the Church Tells


A Marriage of Equals

My wife and I are equals within our marriage. She does a lot of things I suck at doing. I do a lot of things she’s not particularly good at.

Our personalities are also very complimentary. I’m an INTJ personality type and she’s an INFP. I make decisions quickly and easily, generally based on cold logic, and she has amazing intuition and people skills.

I’m not saying that everything we do together as a couple is a bed of roses, but we both have deep respect for each other as people. The interesting thing is that over the years, she’s picked up a lot of my personality traits, she’s become more assertive, and I’ve picked up a lot of hers. I’ve become quite a bit more soft-toned and diplomatic in my approach, both in business and in other friendships.

I think first and foremost, we are best friends. This one aspect of our relationship trumps anything that ever got written into the Bible. You have to want to spend all kinds of time with your best friend. We’re both kind of introverts as well, so sometimes we just sit in the same room with each other reading or writing.

I’m not the head of the household and I’m not the butt of it either. We both cook and clean. We both work. We both love what each of us does.


If you’re in a relationship where one person thinks they are the one in-charge because the Bible says so, it’s time to get a better spiritual education—or get out of the toxic relationship.

Marriage partners need to honestly view each other as EQUALS, each with different talents where each contributes to the marriage to make it something that benefits the whole family.





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