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Unmasking Christian Falsehood

20 years ago I prayed for the truth about who GOD was. GOD answered my honest prayer. 

In asking GOD what I had, somehow I already knew the Church had been playing fast and loose with the truth about Jesus, the Bible, forgiveness, the Church itself, and all of what Christianity had come to (mis)represent because of the Church’s man-made tradition.

Today, I am on a crusade to open up the history, to rip open the lies and the falsehoods, to expose the double-speak excuses and lay bare the unabashed truth and historical facts the Church has kept hidden from us for 2,000 years.

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The most important
Christian book you will ever read.

500 years ago, Luther and the Reformers changed the Bible. Why? What had the Roman Catholic Church done to spur these people to upend a millennium of “holy tradition” and make changes to what the Church had originally wrought?

Just how truthful was the early Catholic Church in assembling its Bible canon of Scripture? Was the Church truly following God or merely what was in vogue for Rome?

After a lifetime of study within the Christian Church, Keith Michael takes you on a deep dive into the forces surrounding the formation of the early Church’s Bible, unearthing centuries of Christian myth and subterfuge, layer by layer.

But to what end?

Is the modern Christian Church approaching the precipice of a new and powerful Second Reformation—one that will challenge even what the Protestant Reformers themselves failed to realize? What is it that the Church continues to hide about the Bible that needs to change so that we can advance into a New Light and a deeper understanding of GOD?

Are we as Christians still saddled with the Catholic Church’s early failings in assembling a Bible that was truthful of Jesus and his Apostles? Or did the early Church in Rome merely become self-serving? A group of Pagan believers who had no problem dismissing the true teachings of the Jewish Jesus in favor of their own—FALSE WITNESS.

The Reviews

★★★★★ This book really digs deep, and makes you think about the deceptions taught to us our whole life! Not easy to chew, but once swallowed, it provides nourishment and energy to embark on a journey to find who our Creator really is! —M Strickland

★★★★★ It takes a lot of courage to write a book like this. … Highly recommended! This book is a Ten, Two Thumbs Up, Five Stars!  —Stonemason

★★★★★ If the author of this book is correct in what he is saying, it will shake a lot of people to their core and highlight how the church has completely rewritten and misguided us … He certainly has well-documented his thoughts and conclusions.  —T Lawson

“Belief is a poor excuse for trusting in lies. Today’s Christian needs more than mere traditions of belief.”


Why It’s Not A Sin To Be Gay

In the never-ending debate between Christian Evangelicals and people who actually read the Bible, no issue is more shoved in our faces than the Church-manufactured “sin” of being gay. (I use “Gay” as an umbrella term for anyone not straight.) “Ah, the Church didn’t manufacture that sin, Keith. It’s in the Bible!”  And so are a lot of other “sins”, laws, and commands, even some of the Ten Commandments, that the Church utterly IGNORES, as it cherry-picks its way into following

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Jesus Was Vegetarian? And Other Things The Church Doesn’t Want You To Know

Since August of 2021, I’ve published over 30 articles here on Medium all discussing how the Christian Church has covered up, misdirected, and out-right lied about the history of Jesus, the Apostles, the Bible, and even GOD. In a nutshell, the mainstream modern Christian Church doesn’t follow the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Church follows a new god it created via Paul. Paul is the real founder of the Christian Church, not Yeshuah (Jesus). In this new article,

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Beware of “Ravenous Wolves”: Jesus’ Prophesy of Paul

This may be the first time that you have ever been exposed to the notion that Paul might not have been exactly who he says he was within the pages of the Bible. After all, you believed your Church when they told you that God (effectively) wrote the Bible. You believed your church when they told you God put Paul into the Bible. You believed your Church’s spin when they told you that, “God has no reason to lie to you.”

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Ask any Christian, pastor, theologian, or even many scholars today, “Who is God?” and you are likely to be met with a quick pat answer: “Jesus.” Unfortunately, that is not who GOD is. While the above sentence may come off as a shock and surprise to many an everyday Christian who now think I am some “hell-bound apostate preaching Satanic lies of heresy from the pit of hell!” No, I am not that either. Grow up. That kind of idiotic fear mongering doesn’t

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The Bible’s Authors Are A Lie

When I was growing up in the 70’s, we sat in church listening to pastors tell us to open our Bibles to the Gospel of Matthew, or Mark, or John. Then these pastors would tell us, “Matthew tells us that …” And this is pretty much how things went on into the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s when I found myself sitting in various churches from Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Assemblies of God, and Adventist. What I never realized sitting in Church,

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Biblical Marriage Is Not Biblical

Marriage as we know it in the modern world is actually a fairly recent invention. While it may come as a surprise to many of us, marriage is not what has always defined a “family”. In fact, on the timeline of Human existence, marriage as we know it did not even exist until the invention of—the Church. A Brief History of Marriage On the timeline of Human existence, homo sapiens have existed as families of hunter-gatherers for tens of thousands of years.

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My Interview With The Antichrist

The room is mostly dark as both of us take comfortable leather tufted chairs beside a nice fire in the library of an exquisite mansion the likes of which I’ve never seen before. To say the place is elegant or palatial would be an understatement. He looks younger than I would have expected; an image I suspect that belies the longevity of someone immortal. He offers me a drink and it’s some of the finest Cognac I think I’ve ever

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Guys, God Did Not Make You Lord of Your Wife

Honestly, this article should not even need to be written. But unfortunately, we continue to have a boatload of neanderthal Christian leaders still preaching this nonsense, as if God wanted women to be something akin to slaves within the marriage. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with much of the so-called Feminists either. They often try to swing the pendulum the other extreme direction, as if they want a “Planet Venus” filled with nothing more than women in-charge of slave

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Christianity’s Counterfeit Jesus: Part 3

In Part 2 of this 3-part series, I dropped a couple of really big bombshells of revelation. We looked at Paul’s Mithraic version of Jesus and also how sacrifice, human or animal, was never the ordinance (law) of GOD. In this final installment, we’ll dive deeper into why GOD never required sacrifice, and what the TRUE mechanism of forgiveness for a truly holy GOD really is … Inherited Sin In near lockstep with our Jewish brothers and sisters, Christianity teaches that sin

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Christianity’s Counterfeit Jesus: Part 2

In Part 1 of this 3-part series, we discovered that Paul wasn’t really an apostle of Jesus and he wasn’t preaching the same Gospel as the other Twelve Apostles. So what “gospel” was Paul preaching and where did his NEW Jesus really come from … ? Paul’s “New” Jesus There is a reason why the Pagan leadership of the Church in Rome chose Paul as their “guy” and not the Jewish Apostles in Jerusalem. We’ve already covered that a Jewish Jesus didn’t sell well

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